Phonics & Vocabulary: Kindergarten Workbook (Little Genius Series): Learn Pronunciation of Short & Long Vowels, Consonants and Build Vocabulary


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Little Genius by flipClass is a series of high quality, engaging workbooks for Pre-schoolers/ Kindergarten students. Little Genius books series for Kindergarten includes all the multiple topics/concepts a child learns at this age. The books are prepared by expert teachers and experienced academicians. The books are packed with plenty of learning activities to make learning fun and interactive.

’Phonics & Vocabulary’ book helps the child learn the intricacies of pronunciation of all consonants, short vowels and long vowels. What’s more? This is also a Smartbook. You can get your mobile phone to read out the words for you; read along with your mobile to learn the correct pronunciation of the words. There are QR codes embedded in this book. Scan the codes with your mobile phone camera or a QR code reader app - your mobile phone will read out the words. The child is introduced to plenty of sight words in every page with illustrations to help build vocabulary.

Learning outcomes of this book:
a. Child will be able to pronounce correctly Short vowels and Long vowels sounds, Digraphs, Blends and Diphthongs.
b. Child will be able to pronounce correctly sounds of consonants.
c. Child will be able to identify and pronounce over 250 simple words, learnt as sight words.
d. Child will learn Rhyming Words, Opposites and Word Pairs. e. Child will be able to make small sentences correctly.

All pages are highly illustrative to keep your child interested and engaged. These activities also help reinforce this learning in your child.

Happy Learning.