Smart Kids Worksheets for LKG ( KG 1 ) & Montessori (Bundle of 7 Workbooks)-Math, Science & English

Smart Kids Worksheets for LKG ( KG 1 ) & Montessori (Bundle of 7 Workbooks)-Math, Science & English


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Smart Kids series by flipClass are International standard worksheets, created by a team of experienced academics, world-class researchers and worksheet designers. A treasure trove of worksheets with curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject for LKG (KG 1) and Montessori kids. The workbook's lively layout and easy to follow explanation makes learning fun and interactive. What's more! The worksheets help parents and teachers to explain key concepts with absolute ease.

1. ABCs: This workbook comprises of Alphabets, Writing Capital Letters with Illustration of Pictures. 
2. Spelling & Vocabulary: It emphasizes on spelling and pronunciation of small 2-3 letter words with beautiful pictures and figures.
3. Phonics: This book is developed for the kids with all basic pronunciations using Jolly English Phonics Methodology. 
4. 123s: It helps the kid to identify numbers from one to Twenty including Counting, Addition, and Subtraction of numbers. It emphasizes on identifying preceding and succeeding of numbers for a set of numbers. 
5. Shapes, Patterns & Colours: This booklet comprises of various shapes and colors of everyday objects like vegetables, fruits, animals and coloring of pictures. 
6. Science Lab: Basic understanding of environmental sciences like identifying wild animals, living and non-living things etc are introduced in this booklet. 
7. Fun & Games: The book focuses on enhancing the creativity of the child.

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