Fun with Activities: Pre-Kindergarten Workbook (Little Genius Series) [3-5 yrs]
Skill Building Fun Activities To Help Your Child’s Logical Thinking, Observational Skills & Hand Coordination

Fun with Activities: Pre-Kindergarten Workbook (Little Genius Series) [3-5 yrs]

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Little Genius by flipClass is a series of high quality, engaging workbooks for Pre-schoolers/ Pre-K students. Little Genius books series for Pre-K includes all the multiple topics/concepts a child learns at this age. The books are prepared by expert teachers and experienced academicians. The books are packed with plenty of learning activities to make learning fun and interactive. 

Fun with Activities is filled with loads of interesting, colorful and fun activities which help build your child’s Logical Thinking, Observational & Cognitive Skills, Hand & Finger Coordination and 3D Spatial Awareness. Use it in your homes after school or carry it on a long journey. Your child will love the various activities like find a way through the maze, spot the differences, joining dots games, Cootie Catcher/Fortune Teller, finger puppets, find the missing piece and many more activities. 

Learning Outcomes
a. Activities such as maze and dots games help build your child’s logical thinking and cognitive abilities. 
b. Exercises such as Color Palette and Spot the Differences will help improve your child’s Observational Skills. 
c. Paper based cutting and pasting activities such as making cootie catcher/fortune teller and animal puppets help build your child’s motor skills and hand-finger coordination. 
d. 3-D cut outs and images help build your child’s spatial awareness 

Let your child’s imagination fly with flipClass’ Little Genius Fun with Activities Workbook. Happy Learning!

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