Drawing & Coloring: Pre-Kindergarten Workbook: Little Genius Series
Teaches Colour Recognition, Tracing & Drawing, Picture Enlargement & Completion with Multiple Fun Colouring Activities

Drawing & Coloring: Pre-Kindergarten Workbook: Little Genius Series

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Little Genius by flipClass is a series of high quality, engaging workbooks for Pre-schoolers/ Pre-K students. Little Genius books series for Pre-K includes all the multiple topics/concepts a child learns at this age. The books are prepared by expert teachers and experienced academicians. The books are packed with plenty of learning activities to make learning fun and interactive. 

Drawing & Coloring workbook helps your child do what she/he loves to do - draw, paint, colour, sketch, play with colors. Your child will not only learn from the book but also be able to apply these concepts to her/his surroundings. 

Learning Outcomes
a. Your child will learn to identify and recognise all basic colors. 
b. Your child will learn to trace and draw exciting pictures. 
c. Your child will learn about various animals, insects and a few well-known mythical creatures while coloring the pictures. 
d. With our number coded pictures, your child will learn to mix and match various colors and learn about good color combinations. In a way, this also subtly introduces your child to to the concept of mapping one entity to another. 
e. With our grid drawing, your child will learn about perspectives. 

Let your child’s imagination fly with flipClass’ Little Genius Drawing & Coloring Workbook. Happy Learning!

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