Smart Kids Worksheets for UKG ( KG 2 ) & Montessori (Bundle of 7 Workbooks)-Math, Science & English

Smart Kids Worksheets for UKG ( KG 2 ) & Montessori (Bundle of 7 Workbooks)-Math, Science & English

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Smart Kids series by flipClass are international standard worksheets, created by a team of experienced academics, world-class researchers and worksheet designers. A treasure trove of worksheets with curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject for UKG (KG 2) and Montessori kids. The workbook's lively layout and easy to follow explanation makes learning fun and interactive. What's more! The worksheets help parents and teachers to explain key concepts with absolute ease. 

1. ABCs : This book introduces a child to cursive writing. The child learns to write uppercase and lowercase cursive English letters.
2. Spelling & Vocabulary: In this book enhancing vocabulary is literally child's play. Finding words in a grid, learning action words, naming words, opposites are all part of the fun. 
3. Phonics: This book revisits short and long vowel sounds. It introduces a child to blends and digraphs. What is special about this book is that a child can actually hear the correct pronunciation of letters and words with QR codes.

4.123s: This book practices a child in forward counting, introduces her to backward counting, skip counting and ordinal numbers. The book gives practice in addition with carry, subtraction with borrow and finding out numbers that come before and numbers that come after. 
5. Shapes, Patterns, and Colours: This book introduces a child to fill blanks by recognizing a pattern. The child's learning of 2D and 3D Shapes is enhanced through fun-filled activities. 
6. Science Lab: The book affords a really good view of the world around us in an easy to understand style to the child. 
7. Fun and Games: True to its name, this book is really fun and games. The book introduces concepts of subitizing and placeholder addition through gaming. In this book a child learns to read a clock in several ways, for example, she learns to read quarter-past and half-past the hour.

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