Genius Kids Worksheets for UKG (KG-2) (4-6 years)

Genius Kids Worksheets for UKG (KG-2) (4-6 years)

📚 Set of 8 Workbooks
Math & Logic, English, Science & Games

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Genius Kids Worksheets is a series of high quality, engaging and colourful set of worksheets for pre-school, kindergarten and primary grades by flipClass. The UKG (KG-2) package has set of 8 workbooks covering most topics your child learns in UKG (KG -2, Montessori). This includes plenty of activities on numbers, math & logic, alphabets, words, reading, writing, rhymes and stories, science, colouring, painting, arts and craft. Genius Kids worksheets make learning fun and interactive.

The package contain following 8 books:

1. ABCs: In this workbook, your child learns cursive writing of capital and small letters and writing small sentences.
2. Spelling & Vocabulary: Your child learns spelling and pronunciation of naming, action, rhyming, sight words, making small sentences, singular-plural, word pairs in this book.
3. Phonics: These worksheets contain all basic pronunciations developed using Jolly English Methodology. The child learns correct pronunciation with Smart QR technology.
4. Let's Learn to Read: This book helps your child learn reading through stories and rhymes with colourful illustrations. You could read them out to your child as bed-time stories too!
5. 123s: 123s helps the child master concepts in basic mathematics. The child learn numbers from 1 to 100, counting, skip counting, backward counting, Addition & Subtraction with plenty of engaging exercises.
6. Mental Maths: Your child learns more about numbers, 2D & 3D shapes, patterns, Data Interpretation and other activities which improves mental and analytical ability.
7. Science Lab: Your child learns basic concepts of Environmental Sciences like Plants, Animals, Good Manners, Healthy Food, Air & Water, Universe, Our Country in this workbook.
8. Fun & Games: These worksheets focus on enhancing creativity of the child through drawing, origami, fun cut-outs, Jigsaw Puzzles.

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