Back to School

Olympiads workbooks worksheets

Come June, a large part of our mind gets focussed on one thing - reopening of schools. The last few weeks were spent in the relaxing environs of summer vacation; this harsh reality now creeps in.

Most of us would have readied the essentials already – textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, new uniforms, new shoes, lunch boxes and water bottles. Some of us would’ve planned ahead too - “My child will appear for the Olympiads this year, I should start preapring my child as soon as the school starts.” To achieve this many of us would’ve bought good additional learning material like flipClass Genius Kids Worksheets also, already. 

This new school year will be fun. Many new challenges will be overcome; many new things will be learnt. We wish your child(ren) and you the best going into this new season. Hope you and your child(ren) have plenty of fun this new season.

Good luck!