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What do parents say about flipClass worksheets?

flipClass smart kids worksheets for LKG are concise, colorful, enjoying and very good for cognitive and intellectual growth of kids. My 3+ Years old daughter loves practicing on all these worksheets..

Dr Ratnesh

My son loved these book... He is eager to know the new exercises every day.. One of the best books for testing your kids basic skills by age 4.. It is also a best option for parents to teach your kids in right way without any pressure.. I am happier than expected..


I was looking for a good book for my son's preparation for the Olympiads.. fliplass books look good. Especially their mental math. Even English books look very good.


Its a very nice set of books for k.g students , covers all the aspects of learning in this age and some extra topics too .

Pooja V

Beautiful. I gifted this to my niece. She just likes it. The parent could not stop thanking us for gifting such a product. Special thanks to the teachers who conceptualised such a product.

Amazon Customer

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The workbook's lively layout and easy to follow explanation makes learning fun and interactive.

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